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Mission Adjusting has established itself as the most responsive and professional independent claim experts in our field. We provide a diverse, aggressive, and highly specialized variety of services focusing on our clients' desired outcomes. We provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access in order to be the most responsive to your needs and requests and deliver with knowledge, skill, loyalty, creativity, perseverance, and professionalism.

Our firm possesses the resources, capabilities, and technologies of larger companies, but combines the enthusiasm, flexibility, and responsiveness of small to mid-size firms. Our goal is to combine the best of both in order to accommodate your specific needs in today's fast pace insurance and business environment. Our claim professionals have extensive experience in the following areas:

Casualty Insurance

  • General Liability

  • Products Liability

  • Workers Compensation

  • Vehicle Liability & Physical Damage

  • Excess & Umbrella Liability

  • Director’s & Officer’s Liability

  • Professional Liability

Marine Insurance

  • Cargo Coverage

  • Special Risks

  • Vessel Insurance

Governmental & Municipal Claims

  • Workers Compensation

  • General Liability

  • Auto Liability

  • Professional Liability

  • Property Insurance

Surety Bonds

  • Performance, Payment & Bid

  • Court & Fiduciary

  • License & Permit

Construction Projects

  • Structural Failures

  • Property & Casualty

  • Toxic Tort Claims

Casualty Services

Mission Adjusting service activities on Auto/General Liability claims can include, however, may not necessarily be limited to the following:

Mission Adjusting will make contact with the claimant and insured, as necessary, within two hours of receiving the notice of the claim on the same day. 

Mission Adjusting will obtain insured employees, claimants and witness statements in order to document or clarify the issues of liability, damages and coverage. Our estimators will inspect vehicle and property damages and will complete detailed and comprehensive estimates to repair or replace the damage.

Mission Adjusting will set reserves initially based on our preliminary investigation of liability and damages. Reserves may be adjusted during the balance of the investigation as necessary.

Mission Adjusting will maintain a liaison between the handling adjuster and the supervisor assigned to each individual loss. The claim representative/supervisor relationship will allow us to provide the highest level of service available within this industry.

Mission Adjusting will provide the most comprehensive and thorough reports available. Each report will provide a clarification of the issues of concern and interest in a concise and professional manner.

Mission Adjusting will routinely provide an investigation in order to document any and all potential recovery alternatives including subrogation and additional third party intervention. 

Mission Adjusting will aggressively pursue equitable claim settlements using thorough and professional negotiating strategies within our settlement authority and will develop specific plans of action toward that goal. 

Mission Adjusting will provide litigation management on all cases requiring legal assistance. Many lawsuits provide the first notice of claim. Beneficial investigation can be performed during the litigation process. It is our belief that many claims can be successfully settled while in litigation. 

Mission Adjusting will provide a post-loss risk analysis and assessment on each individual claim as necessary. We believe that it is our job to support our client’s risk management goals and objectives. 

Please contact us at info@missiongrp.com if you have further questions.

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