Mission Investigations

Mission is the premium resource in providing insurance, corporate, and litigation support services assisting a diverse group of clients in areas where fraud is expected or special information is beneficial for support or analysis. Mission investigators help their clients uncover the truth by combining the most recent techniques with cutting edge technology.

Missionís investigators have extensive backgrounds in a variety of investigative fields including law enforcement, criminal justice, and insurance fraud investigation. Investigations render information specific to your request while maintaining superior standards of consistency and protecting our unblemished reputation for legal and ethical results.

Mission services include; however, may not be necessarily limited to the following:

  • Fraudulent Claims Investigations

  • Criminal Background Checks

  • Driving Reports

  • Security Consulting

  • Location of Missing Persons

  • Video Surveillance and Photography

  • Written and Recorded Statements

  • Nationwide Criminal/Civil Record Search

  • Litigation Investigation and Trial Support

  • Employee Integrity Investigation

  • Witness Canvassing

  • Background and Asset Checks

  • Computer Information Theft

  • Workmanís Compensation Investigations

  • Fraud Prevention

  • Risk Management Consulting

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