Mission Risk Management

Mission Risk Management consultants are experts in analyzing the activities and exposures of our clients in order to maximize their control of accidental losses. Our experts provide the technical resources and independent analysis in a wide variety of areas in order for our clients to protect their assets and for them to meet their objectives while minimizing the cost of risk.

Mission safety and loss prevention services help analyze and solve our client’s toughest problems. Our safety experts provide a wide range of services, which include but are not limited to:

  • Training programs

  • Safety and loss prevention programs

  • Staffing analysis and screening

  • Third party liability exposure analysis

  • Cost of Workman’s Compensation claim exposures

  • OSHA compliance

  • Customized consulting services

Mission Risk Management consulting provides a wealth of technical resources and independent view points to a variety of clients including Fortune 500 Companies and Public Entities. Our staff includes published authors and expert witnesses with a wide variety of risk management backgrounds.

Mission Risk Management typically provides services including:

  • Coverage analysis

  • Broker selection

  • Risk identification

  • Insurance program reviews

  • Loss control studies

  • Expert witness assignments

  • Public entity audits

  • Risk management information systems

  • Variety of cost control studies

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